Day off

Bob insisted that everyone had a day off today. Everyone at Dural, that is. Following the week they’ve all had, this was undoubtedly a good idea. And it was a beautiful day to have off, as well. Blue skies and sunshine, making the autumn colours shine.

Beside the garage

Beside the garage

Fiona, ignoring the ‘day off’ ruling, decided to take all the floral tributes out to the verandah and give them a drink of water before re-distributing them throughout the house. Before the redistribution, there was time for the sisters to pose behind them all.

A lot of roses

A lot of roses

Mirinda and I went up to Glenorie for lunch at our favourite cafe, before a bit of a shop at Woolies (I’m cooking dinner tonight). Fiona and Bob went for a walk at Fagan Park.

A perfectly relaxed day off.

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2 Responses to Day off

  1. Josephine Cook says:

    A lot of flowers .
    love mum x

  2. Ina says:

    So many flowers for Claire and the Dural ‘Crew’! I am sending you some ‘virtual ones’ from Germany! Love to you all, Ina

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