Today was our 22nd wedding anniversary. We had a lovely day planned. Mirinda had a guitar class and then we were going to see The Thrill of Love, a play about Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in the UK.

Mirinda woke, strangely, just after 6am, feeling alert and ready for the day. She decided to try and ring her dad, given she was up so early. He wasn’t there so she left a message before taking off for class. I went shopping.

When she was back home she heard from her dad that Claire had been rushed into ICU after her oxygen levels had dropped dangerously low. It didn’t look good and Bob was prepared for the worst. It was around the time that Mirinda woke up in the morning.

Next thing we heard from Fiona, who had booked a flight to Sydney. She told Mirinda she’d let her know what was happening after she arrived. Meanwhile we changed and prepared to leave for the theatre.

Then Mirinda talked to her dad, and we decided not to go out, wanting to stay by the phone. We worked in the garden the rest of the day, instead. It felt good and kept us both busy.

Mirinda had asked Fiona to call, regardless of the time, letting us know what was happening with Claire. We went to bed, phones to hand.

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