Reduced Shakespeare

I had a bit of a busy day today as well as the residual aches and pains from both my fall and shovelling the ton of dirt yesterday.

First up, it was vote time. Today we were voting for local elections and I decided to head down early. The polls open at 7am but, not wanting to be the first there, I waited till 8am. I reckon I was still one of the first as there was no-one there…except the poll workers, who all rushed over to help me. I ended up at the right spot, took my voting paper, marked the appropriate box with my mark (obviously the independent candidate given how I feel about political parties) and was back on the way home after about 30 seconds. All very easy and painless.

Next (well, after breakfast), I rang mum and dad for a delayed chat – the house was too noisy on Tuesday and Wednesday. This left me a bit of time to potter around the house before having to leave for the Talking Newspaper at midday.

I had two new readers (to me) this week. One of them, John, usually reads on a Friday (for the Fleet edition) and was excellent. He’d never read on a Thursday before and was interested to see how it went. No different, I’m thinking.

The other new reader was Ann, who hasn’t been reading for very long. It shows as well. Her editing is a little on the light side and means she ends up reading long, boring pieces which I’m sure send the listeners to sleep. She was also a bit defensive, which is not good when reading with Lindsey (my other reader).

I really like Lindsey. She’s not afraid or adverse to give her opinion on anything with great force and conviction. She’s also very funny and laughs at my jokes. An all round great lady, if you ask me.

There was almost fisticuffs in the editing room when Lindsey commented on her lead story which was about a farmer who was sick of dogs harrying his lambs. He was threatening to shoot the next one he saw. John piped up and said he’d rather shoot the farmer because he loved dogs. We then found out that Lindsey’s father was a farmer as was his father. She stated that the farmer was only defending his livelihood. She was a bit irate and poor John visible shrunk away from her. He wisely shut up.

I make it sound as if it wasn’t fun but it was. I always try and make it fun. I particularly like reading vitriolic letters to the editor and had a good one this week which had the others grinning round the table.

After reading, it was off to Waitrose then back home. Sadly, I didn’t have time for a swift pint on the way and sadly hurried by some very tempting pubs.

At home, I had a brief window for a shower and change of clothes before Dawn arrived to pick me up. We were going to Guildford to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company at G Live perform the complete works of Shakespeare.

Mirinda and I saw this years ago at the Yvonne Arnaud and absolutely loved it. It is very, very funny, full of energy and doesn’t require a great knowledge of Shakespeare (though that does make it funnier). Dawn asked if I’d like to go and I said yes, straight away. I wasn’t disappointed.

The show has been updated a bit (and included an interval which I’m sure wasn’t there before) but is, essentially the same. The audience laughed uproariously from start to finish. A joy of an evening.

And then, finally, home for a late dinner while watching the snooker from today and then, finally bed.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    About time you had something else beside sanding ect.
    love mum x


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