Prettiest Village

Sometimes when we visit pretty places, the stray thought crosses my mind how nice it would be to live there. It would be like living on the lid of a chocolate box or a completed jigsaw. All perfect. I had that very thought during our recent trip to the Isle of Wight. Godshill is very much in the ‘prettiest village’ category.

But then you see something that confirms why you could never take the plunge and reside in a postcard. And it’s not the crowds on the weekends though this would be a constant source of irritation. Like Shere in Surrey for instance.

It’s not even having to keep your front garden (and whatever else is visible to the tourists) in perfect condition so you don’t ruin their photographs with a nasty bit of realism.

The main problem is the Japanese tourists who stick their faces against your lounge room windows and peer in, as if you were some sort of historical exhibit. Imagine, you are happily sitting on a Sunday afternoon, half reading your paper while struggling to keep your eyes open, shoes off, when suddenly, an extra off The Samurai suddenly appears at your window.

I guess the answer would be to keep your curtains drawn. But how could you live like that? No natural light. Ghastly.

No, give me a nice historical yet insignificant market town with a footpath to separate your windows from the tourists and not within walking distance of the centre.

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