I just heard the news that Chrissie Amphlett died in New York, aged only 53. She was so much part of my growing years, living in Manly, starting to experience life in the big city. Her music was a massive part of my youth. Very, very sad to lose such a vibrant person, so full of life, who brought so much pleasure to so many people.

Here she is singing Pleasure and Pain in 1985.

I spent a lot of time listening to her music today. It brought back memories of working in Manly Social Security. She was a beneficiary and would often come into the office to collect her cheque. I was also reminded of my puppy love adoration of her cousin Little Pattie when I was in my early teens. I think Chrissie far more accurately paints a picture of my youth.

But enough of that…today was mostly spent clearing out the two big bedrooms upstairs in preparation for Dennis and his sander. We are having the floors ‘done’ over this week.

As usual, I’ll supply photographs of the progress. Here’s how the spare room looked before they started.

The spare room before Dennis
The spare room before Dennis

It’s clearly not before time.

By the time I’d finished (about 6pm) all that was left was the double bed in our room which I’ll move tomorrow morning before he arrives. Needless to say, Mirinda’s study is now full of stuff.

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  1. Josephine Cook says:

    I had forgotten you knew Chrissie and little Pattie some times nice to be reminded.
    Yes it looks like the floor is crying out to be done.
    love mum x


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