Bland roast chicken

Three years ago, I posted a piece about a mobility scooter display team. Today, finally, I’m posting a video of them.

But that was yesterday…today was a splendid Sunday, weather wise. Healthwise…not so much.

I had a quick emergency call from mum to fix her email which was not playing ball. The wonderful meant I could logon to her machine and fix it.

I can take little credit for the fix, if I am to be completely honest. I think it was a synch’ing problem as mum hadn’t turned the computer on for almost a week and the rest of the world had kept moving. Anyway, I made it work again so all was well. I do think it was mum’s sneaky way of getting an extra phone call this week.

My cold has meant I haven’t been able to taste anything all weekend but that didn’t stop me making roast chicken for tea. The oddest thing is when it comes to testing the gravy. It kept tasting bland. I had to be careful not to over flavour everything. According to Mirinda, it tasted lovely.

The garden is really starting to wake up now after our prolonged winter. The magnolia (normally almost bare by now) is starting to open and looked particularly beautiful against the blue sky.

The magnolia against the blue sky
The magnolia against the blue sky

Most of the day, poor Mirinda was working on work stuff but she did manage some time to sit in the garden and take the poodles for a walk up to the castle.

Now if only this bloody cold would go away!

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2 Responses to Bland roast chicken

  1. Mirinda says:

    It was still a lovely day! Though poor g had to proof read some documents!!

  2. Josephine Cook says:

    Did not think of that but was a sneaky way to get a phone call love you Gary Charles
    your mum x

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