Three Down

Tra-loo tra-ley, oh happy day!
I’ve finally finished, my third essay!

This afternoon I hit the submit button and sent it flying off into the ether. It was a tough essay but I managed to struggle through. I now know an awful lot about automatic indexing and other fun cataloguing things.

Actually, and being dreadfully honest, I did enjoy it really. Once I did a lot of reading and started writing in earnest, it went quite well. When I read the essay question it was terribly daunting. And finishing it today wasn’t that easy after spending the night with Nicktor.

As usual, it was a jolly good time. We had dinner down at the Six Bells, the chef obviously over his tummy bug, and a few pints of Ruddles. We had burgers which were very tasty but my bun disintegrated. It was a delicate little morsel of bread, far too small for the meat which effectively hid it. When I picked it up to eat it, it just fell apart. Nicktor’s didn’t because he used a knife and fork. To eat a burger! I mean, really. I bet he uses cutlery eating pizza too.

We then went back to the house and watched Fargo, a fantastic movie I hadn’t seen for a while. I wasn’t sure Nicktor would like it but he thought it was as wonderful as it is. We then watched three episodes of The Inbetweeners, an English show which is only for men with childish, puerile senses of humour. I’ve seen them before but Nicktor enjoyed it so much, it was like watching it for the first time. We both laughed like silly boys.

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1 Response to Three Down

  1. Mum Cook says:

    We have the INBETWEENERS here think they’re stupid , silly boys well!!!!! could say more but wont.
    Thats great you have finished your third essay.
    love mum

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