The spirit of the game

After all the excitement of yesterday, today was all about sitting and sweating. Well, apart from my usual morning and evening walks…and an unexpected stroll down to Sunland that’s not called Sunland to look for a sim card.

I’m pretty sure that today was the hottest I’ve been subjected too for a very long time. As Dad said, it’s the humidity. I feel permanently wet. And then tonight I read that the temperature in Britain will be plummeting next week and lucky to rise above 1. My fingers are crossed.

There was one bit of excitement (if that’s the right word). The Twilight Market down along the Esplanade off Bulcock Beach. I should point out that the market takes place just before, during and just after twilight. It has nothing to do with the talentless Kristen Stewart. I really thought I had to point that out.

Not a teenage vampire in sight

For most of the afternoon and night, Dad and I watched the first One Day International between Australia and Sri Lanka. Australia won convincingly.

And talking of cricket…A few days ago, I wrote a letter to the Brisbane Courier, taking exception to a piece in the paper earlier in the week where they described Twenty20 as a form of cricket. It was in relation to a story about Shane Warne and how he’s forgotten about playing as a gentleman and not a thug.

Anyway, I dashed my email off and checked each day, flicking to the letters page first. And then, today, there was a letter from another cricket fan saying, basically, the same thing. I guess they’ll not be printing mine now but I don’t mind. It’s enough to know I’m not the only person who thinks it.

Chess piece update
We spoke to one of the librarians today, Mum and I, and, apparently, the black king was stolen. They have also lost a few other pieces. The pawns are particular favourites. A regular library user once came in and asked if they were missing a pawn. When told that they were, the woman said she’d seen it sunning itself on the northern tip of Bribie Island. The next time she went over to the island she retrieved it and returned it to the library.

People might think this is quite a petty crime but the pieces cost around $200 each and, for a library, that’s a lot to fork out every time some chess ignorant criminal decides to take one for a swim.

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4 Responses to The spirit of the game

  1. Mirinda says:

    I can’t believe you wrote to the Brisbane courier ….

  2. It’s Mums birthday today (your Grandma Gary) and I am sure she is tickled pink with your writing and enjoys your journals as I do! So sad to hear about stupid people taking the chess pieces! Always some people spoil it for the rest! Santa Barbara weather has been chilly around 60 degrees Fahrenheit most days for the past two weeks! Very unusual weather – and I could do with some of your Aussie heat right – my bones are aching with this cold! You must all be losing weight over there with all the sweating! Love Aunty Jan xx

  3. flip100 mum says:

    Some people just like to take other peoples enjoyment away by stealing what go’s around comes around!! I wish we could take some of your cold Jan you can certainly have our heat it is the worse I have had in 52 years.
    love mum

  4. Gee’s Josie it must be horrible – I still have memories as a child of 13 & 14 living in Penrith and lying on the bathroom tiles to get a bit cooler!! You poor things! It must be hard for Fred. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo that the heat will die down; and you will have reasonable weather. Our day is beautiful today at last after 2 cold weeks; its back in the 70’s and the sun is not just shining brilliantly as normal; but it is also warm too! I hope we can leave the heater off tonight those 58 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit in our house is too chilly for me!!! Love you, Janieanski (your Russian beauty – ha! Ha!)

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