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Nicktor has decided to get as many Nicktor Nights in before December 7 as is humanly possible. He missed last week because of something unimportant (school career advice for the kids) but was determined to make tonight, even though he had a meeting scheduled for 8am on Wednesday morning. He’s nothing if not determined.

Not that there was any football on at home as the Shots were playing away. We may have considered going if they’d been playing better and if the weather had been slightly less inhospitable. As it was, they won but the weather, if anything, went from bad to worse.

Which meant, it was in a drizzly yet strangely soaking, rain that I planted 125 tulip bulbs in what was the nettle bed. The idea is that they will come up in spring and then, having died off, will be replaced by the cistus, which is already there and any stray gladiolus that remain in the ground. It’s supposed to give pleasure over a greater length of seasonal time with little input from me.

Mirinda ordered the bulbs on Sunday night and they turned up this morning and by the evening I’d planted the lot. Nicktor, being the OCD he is, wondered whether I’d planted them in strict rows in their colours. I told him I’d randomly planted them all over the place in whatever colour came out of the packet. This made him pull a face and shudder, saying he wasn’t looking forward to them coming up.

While we may not agree on proper tulip placement, we were both in agreement over the film we watched tonight. It was called Killer Elite and stars Jason Statham, Robert de Niro and Clive Owen. It’s a thriller with lots of action and violence, made at a cracking pace with one quite brilliant car chase around a hospital car park. Definitely recommended for anyone who likes soldier of fortune versus the SAS type films.

And we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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1 Response to More bulbs

  1. flip100 mum says:

    I like all different colour’s better then all in a straight row like solders and all one colour
    Nicktor get with it.
    love mum

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