Nearly there

I am halfway through the essay that is due on Friday but think I deserve a rest. Nicktor is due any minute and I figure that’s a pretty fine idea for a rest. I haven’t seen him for a fortnight! According to Dawn, he was missing me. There he is at the door.

We had a lovely night though the chef at the 6 Bells was off with a tummy bug so dinner consisted of cheese on toast. Sitting in the beer garden, though, Ruddles beers in hand and chatting men chat, was very pleasant.

We watched two movies. The first, called Wonderland, was based on a true story of a mass murder crime in the 1980s which was never really solved. It’s not a movie I’d recommend. I enjoyed it but don’t think Nicktor did. Phoebe from Friends was in it. Sadly, Val Kilmer was also in it. I’m not that keen on Mr Kilmer after he treated the extras like rubbish when he starred in the Island of Dr Moreau in Queensland many years ago. I had it first hand from extras who worked on the film. According to them, he was ignorant and self obsessed as opposed to Marlon Brando who was actually very nice.

The second movie was Scary Movie, which is always worth a laugh, particularly after a few drinks. Nice and puerile and just plain silly. We both giggled moronically all the way through.

Nicktor brought over a bottle of Chivas Regal he’d been given by someone from work. It’s 25 years old and expensive. It tasted amazing. Smooth and creamy, with hints of all sorts of spices and fruit. Not a whisky to drink all night but one to sip and enjoy. Oddly the cork is very heavy.

As usual, it was a late night but we retired having spent a lovely evening.

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2 Responses to Nearly there

  1. Claire says:

    It is good to have such a good friend as Nicktor you obviously enjoy each others company.The hat suits you.Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    I can just see you two giggling like a couple of girls.
    Agree with Claire the hat suits you.
    love mum

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