The first of many

This is the first post from my new office. I’m sitting looking out over the garden.

This is what I see if I look up from my laptop

The heater is on (it’s quite chilly) and Day-z is sitting on the chair behind me. Carmen is asleep in the lounge room but there’s nothing unusual about that.

Today the electrician finished up replacing the downlights that used to work only when they felt like it (they didn’t often feel like it) then going all over the house checking that everything was as it should be. It was all hunky dory, so he ticked the boxes, I gave him some money and he was on his way. He also left me his details for any extra work we’re bound to have.

During the morning, I started weeding, digging, plant transplanting and generally sorting out the hot border. A mucky job (mainly because I left my gardening gloves out in the rain last night) but it has to be done. The biggest pain is all the bindweed coming in from the Crazies’ garden.

Then came the big move. Computer equipment, leads, plugs, sound system, chair, everything I need for my office to function properly. Finally the sound system was switched on and everything was set, ready to go.

As I typed away, Carmen came to the door and cried for entrance. She then curled up on the dog blanket beside me, asleep in seconds. We visited the vet today (for their kennel cough boosters) and Carmen was weighed again. She has lost over a kilo in the last month. We were going to celebrate with a cream bun but figured that would defeat the purpose. We settled for a cuddle. The vet was very pleased, too.

And here’s the view from another window

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    It looks so cosy you wont want to go into the house. You are getting colder we are getting hotter just thought they would make your day naughty mum hahaha
    love mum

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