Worst builder in history

According to the electrician, the builder who worked on our house (before we owned it) was the worst he’s ever come across. Yesterday was bad and the examples of ineptitude continued today.

The electrician reckons the builder maybe wasn’t paid enough so he just finished things roughly and haphazardly. Mirinda reckons the builder wasn’t a builder at all but someone who’d watched too many DIY programmes and thought anyone could do it. Whichever, shoddy doesn’t even come close to it.

The weather was fairly kind today so we both worked outside. The electrician dug a trench (“I hate digging trenches!” he said a number of times) and I weeded the right hand side of the garden. I’d almost finished when the rain started. Meanwhile, he’d finished the trench, laid the cable and wired up the office.

It’s quite handy having him here this week. Generally I miss anyone coming to the front door when I’m working in the garden – they ring, I run but they leave after 20 seconds and I miss them. Today we had three deliveries, which he took at the door. I said he was worth paying just to take in deliveries.

By 4pm, he was off and away and I made ready for another Nicktor Night. He’s trying to get in as many as possible. He also stopped off at the local brewery and bought 9 pints of lovely Hogs Back beer. Which we made short work of.

So good, it has a ‘use by’ date

We watched far too much TV, drank too much beer and ate too much Chinese food so, all in all, a jolly good Nicktor Night.

Nicktor was quite impressed with the office (which he insists on calling a shed) lights. I can’t wait to move in.

A beacon in the dark

By the way, I returned to the garden when the rain stopped and finished the right hand side.

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  1. flip100 mum says:

    It looks very interesting and spooky with the lights on love it.
    love mum

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