St John

I finished my first essay today and submitted it. I now have three to go.

Tonight we went for dinner for Mirinda’s birthday. As usual the food was fantastic. My main meal was, quite frankly, amazing. It was pork belly, which is always lovely, on a bed of cabbage with a lovely light sauce. That is not particularly odd.

However, on the left hand side of the plate was a Scotch egg with a slice of bacon leaning against it, in a small pool of tomato sauce. But this was not any normal Scotch egg! Rather than the usual pork mince, inside was black pudding and instead of a chicken egg, in the very middle was a pigeon’s egg.

It was delicious though the combination of the two dishes was a bit odd. So I ate one then I ate the other. I couldn’t see myself mixing tomato sauce with the pork belly. Never gonna happen.

Dessert, again, was interesting. It was Bakewell tart with clotted cream. If you’d never had a Bakewell tart, it was lovely. Beautifully made and delicious to eat. However, it wasn’t like a Bakewell tart. Mirinda had a mango tart thing which she said was fantastic.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Globe with the weasels to see Macbeth.

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2 Responses to St John

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Love Bakewell tart not as nice out here, but maybe all the old cooks have died that made it when I was there.
    love mum

  2. Claire says:

    I hope the production of Macbeth suits your discerning taste and you really enjoy it.I have never had or noticed a bakewell tart obviously a tart to look forward to you both,Claire


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