Almost there

I finished the second coat first thing this morning and, eventually put the desk back in place, ready for the top to be varnished and the shelves to turn pink, next Monday. I’m very happy with the result so far.

All back in place

After the painting I gave the mower a bit of an outing, running it round the back as the kind council guy trimmed our front bit. It’s rather nice not having any rain for a couple of weeks as the grass cuts really easily and only grows the way it should rather than over poweringly long and thick.

After lunch I took the poodles for a bit of a tramp through the park. I checked out the ponds but no wildlife was to be seen – I think they have a siesta between 12 and 1. However, I did spot the first acorns of the season (they generally appear September-October) and thought they looked rather picturesque.

From these little things grow mighty oaks

We met a few dogs today and the poodles were very rude to most of them. One old grumpy dog took Day-z to task when she yapped at him. She ran a mile when he started gruffing at her. It was very funny and served her right.

We also met a lone little dog who the poodles were quite happy to chat to. Very odd. We were on the hill near the Ranger’s house and, while we could see for miles in every direction, we couldn’t spot his owner. I stood and wondered. He was contented to just wander around. Then his ears pricked up and he was off across a field. Gradually I heard a female voice calling him as if from miles away. He clearly has much keener hearing than me.

The poodles sniff out something desirable

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  1. mum cook says:

    Very nice but you did not paint the two shelf’s
    or are you leaving them.
    love mum

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