Filling the voids

My usual mornings consist of going shopping with a stop off at Starbucks, where I type up my blog entry for the previous day. This tends to work quite well. As long as I upload any photographs from home first.

So, this morning, I set off as usual to do just that. I always put my netbook down at a table first so it has a chance to warm up while I’m ordering my coffee. Except when I pressed the power button this morning, nothing happened. I then remembered it needed charging. How annoying is that? Remembering it needs charging about 12 hours after it should have been.

Anyway, suffice it to say, I didn’t type up yesterday’s blog post until this morning and this blog post is being typed up tomorrow afternoon. It may seem a bit confusing but I know exactly what I mean. Not that that has anything to do with anything much.

Anyway, back at the house and it was time to start the finishing touches to the desk. This consisted of filling any gaps (and timber imperfections) with filler.

In order to accomplish this, I had to pull the desk back out of the office and spread both parts on the path. Fortunately the day was sunny and, when there were no clouds, warm.

Mirinda was busy catching up on her emails upstairs while I squeezed great streams of white filler into holes and cracks. It was very enjoyable.

After lunch and a trip up to the station, accompanying a still hacking Mirinda to the train, the filler had set enough for a jolly good sanding. The clouds were starting to gather and rain was looking like a possibility so I put the return inside the office while I worked on the main part of the desk and then I swapped them around.

The filling and the sanding

Once finished to an acceptable level, both parts were then upended on the floor of the office for their first coat of amethyst. The second coat will be applied tomorrow and I’m hoping that will be enough.

The first amethyst coat

And it didn’t rain, though the temperature has dropped enough for the heaters to come on briefly at night.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Starting to look very nice.
    love mum


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