The other slab

As I’ve mentioned many times before in this blog, when we watch Aldershot at the Rec, we tend to stand on the Slab – in fact, I mentioned it only yesterday. Well, we now have our very own Slab. It was installed this morning by two expert slab laying chaps. However, unlike the one at the Rec, our slab will only be accessible for a week. For upon this, my office will appear.

The new base is drying in the sun

For some reason I thought it was going to take most of the day but I couldn’t have been more wrong. They turned up at 8:30, having driven all the way from Norfolk, and were finished by 11:30. It was in their interests to finish early as they then had the long return trip back to Norfolk. It will be the same thing next week when the office is installed.

Which leads me to wonder whether the erection will also take merely a day. It’s surely cheaper than having to make the trip more than twice. I guess I’ll find out next Tuesday.

Because we didn’t know how long it would take, there was some doubt over our usual dinner date tonight but the wonderful pace of the slabmen of Cranes Sheds meant I could leave the house in time to meet Mirinda at the flat.

Sadly, Mirinda had a dicky tummy so we didn’t visit any of our favourite restaurants, preferring to sit in the flat and test the cooker. It does this thing whereby if you put the temperature up to 210 degrees, it turns off when it reaches it. There’s no problem on 100 degrees. We figure it’s some strange safety thing as the cooker did get very hot.

Having determined that the cooker has a strange mind of it’s own, we talked about a good name for my office. We agreed, something from either Alice or Candide would be perfect. However, the best we could come up with was Mary Ann’s – which is what the white rabbit mistakenly calls Alice, thinking she’s his housemaid. We then moved on to Hitchhikers. Magrathea was posited. I think naming an office after an entire planet is a bit much. I’m going to think some more.

I left for home just after 9, still pondering options.

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1 Response to The other slab

  1. mum cook says:

    Why don’t you call your office GARY CHARLES
    because after all it is yours we are dying to see it.
    love mum


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