A weed is a plant in the wrong place

Today was mostly spent removing lots of horrid weeds. It also involved removing a plant I really dislike, something I thoroughly enjoyed.

Ages ago, I transplanted a Kniphofia from the front garden (it was crowding all the lovely plants) to the, then newly created ex-nettle bed.

Now, as it happens, I really dislike architectural plants. I think they’re big and ugly and dominant in a way that can be appealing in a tree or shrub but, in a plant, leaves me cold. My least favourite architectural plant is the Gunnera and, fortunately, Mirinda has never inflicted any on me or our garden. Although it would be tempting to see if Day-z would sleep on one of the gigantic leaves.

The Kniphofia, or red hot poker as it is commonly called, is all strappy and untidy. I don’t even like the flowers very much. I should say that I don’t mind ‘untidy’ generally. I think the garden easily attests to this fact. To be honest, most real gardeners would probably say I actively encourage untidiness! But back to the Kniphofia

My fork is no longer very effective following last week’s battle with the reluctant shrub, so I took a spade to the base of the Kniphofia. It didn’t take long and it was soon ripped from the earth with an ease that belied it’s size.

The roots are like spaghetti and deeply offensive. I grimaced and threw the whole thing away. I felt much better afterwards.

Something I hate even more than architectural plants is the noxious and pervasive bind weed. The ongoing battle between me and this horrid weed will never end and I must always be on the lookout for it’s evil little tendrils attempting to entwine around our deliberate plants.

And that was basically my day. And it was a good day for it, weatherwise. Sometimes sunny, not too hot and humid, and not even close to rain. A pleasant day with something at the end of it to gaze upon with a feeling of satisfaction while holding a bottle of very cold Peroni.

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2 Responses to A weed is a plant in the wrong place

  1. Mirinda says:

    I’m so attracted by the idea of Day-Z asleep on a gunnera leaf…

  2. mum cook says:

    Well what a battle glad we don’t have awful
    plants like that. love mum


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