The very big adventure

For nearly two years, Mirinda has been building a university. While the biggest moment of this enterprise will be when the first students graduate and are released into the wild, today must come a close second to that.

Today was media day. Press releases went out late last week and the BBC sent a film crew out to interview her. They were all gagged until this morning. Of course, had something horrendous happened in the world, Mirinda’s endeavour would have been bumped but, fortunately for everyone, it didn’t.

Her first live interview was at 6:27am (I know the time exactly because the announcer said it just before introducing Mirinda) and lasted two minutes. It was all very new with Mirinda in a studio in Westminster and the woman who interviewed her somewhere in central London. And it all sounded like they were sitting across from each other.

There wasn’t a lot of time to bask in the glory of this first radio appearance as her second interview took place at 6:50am.

This was the beginning of an incredible day as she was driven all over the city being interviewed by all and sundry. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but she was interviewed live on both Sky and BBC 24 hour news.

And she was brilliant. Perfectly poised, perfectly natural (even with make-up) she, in the words of Stevie in an unexpected text, “owned the news!

The response to the news so far has been quite positive. Mirinda and her team were convinced it would be negative, a battle to be met but, while there was a couple of huge battles later in the day, the announcement was met with approval and expectations for the future.

Tomorrow the media frenzy continues and the fallout examined and contended with but for today, I am terribly proud of Mirinda. She had an idea that she was convinced would work and enough people had enough faith for it to grow to this point.

TV content is quite difficult to link to because of national copyright issues but I will try and include a radio interview tomorrow.

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  1. mum cook says:

    We are very very Proud mother and father in laws
    love mum

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