Birthday girl

Poor Mirinda is still not feeling the best, though her voice is gradually returning. It’s still a bit quiet. Which means she doesn’t always get a cup of tea when she asks…because I can’t hear her.

Still, she feels better because we went to Hankley this afternoon. She needed to get out so we decided to enjoy the lack of planes that constantly fly across the common (albeit very, very high). It was truly beautiful. We stopped a few times to listen to the silence which was joyously filled with twittering bird song.

Back at home we enjoyed a late afternoon drink in the back garden, admiring the tulips, the daffs, the mown grass, etc. Again, no planes. I have just read that they are still banned until tomorrow morning, at around 1am, at the earliest. I feel a bit sorry for anyone under the flight path if they all decide to take off at 1am! They’ll probably all have their windows open.

Actually Mirinda said how annoying it would be if you’d never heard the silence from a lack of planes, having been born and bred in the same house, under the same flight path, all your life. Then, suddenly, because of a volcano, one day it all stops. For almost a week there is no noise. You are amazed, excited. So much so that when the planes resume normal service, you can no longer sleep, you can’t operate properly, you have been spoilt for under flight path living. It’s like huskies. You can’t let them inside the house. They feel the heat and no longer want to go out in the cold. Isn’t life strange?

I’m back to uni tomorrow. Mirinda is off to book club. Here’s a photo of our pink tulips. They are under the weather station and have a lovely yellow stripe through them.

Pink tulips with yellow swirl

Pink tulips with yellow swirl

I’ve changed the blog appearance a bit. Let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Birthday girl

  1. Claire says:

    The new blog photo is delightful the three models look vaguely familiar also the track is that the track near big pond.It seems that the planes will not be flying for a few days yet. Mirinda can at least choose her birthday and Christmas presents which she has not managed to do so far.We had a lovely fog this morning the air smelt so fresh and invigorating.We were taking Susie for a drive as when she noticesBob leaving for work she gets very excited and as she is somtimes depressed because of her condition this is one way to cheer her to you all. Claire

  2. admin says:

    The photo is of Hankley. I never realised how like Frensham it looks because of the sand! But no pond. Just some rather large poodle puddles.

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