Science is sexy

So. Big day tomorrow. My induction into the volunteer ranks of the Science Museum! Pity Karen isn’t still at the V&A next door. Not that I know which days I’ll be ‘working’ yet. I guess all will become clearer tomorrow. And speaking of clearer…it’s not inputting the scientific glass after all. It’s another job. I’ll also explain about this when I know more.

Also tomorrow I’m supposed to be having dinner with a cousin I haven’t seen for…about 40 years. I remember her as a little girl, she remembers me as someone who had too many cassette tapes. She now has two daughters while I have too many digital music tracks. She’s visiting London as part of a whirlwind world trip…well, the US and the UK and a short pop over to Paris.

Today, however, is about resting up for my busy, busy week. I have essays to write, blind people to read for, cousins to sup with, inductions to take part in, Stevie to see on Wednesday and, of course, Nicktor on Tuesday.

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