For Uncle Ronnie

Today I was scheduled to read the Talking Newspaper for the Alton paper (again) but went in early to help unpack and stack 250 USB memory stick readers which we’re giving to the listeners. The studio isn’t very big so it was a bit of a shuffle fitting them all in. It was while I was fitting them under the big editing desk that I had a text from Mum.

Uncle Ronnie, who has been unwell for a while, has been diagnosed with leukaemia.

My Uncle Ronnie is one of those people who you just expect to always be there. He featured very large in my childhood, along with Uncle Les. The days we spent making silly 8mm movies for our own self explanatory UEP Productions(UnEmPloyed) company, still make me laugh. Particularly the amount of time we spent working out the rolling across the front of the car, stunt.

We had some wonderful days around that house in Prospect, basically just having fun. Days that will always remain with me.

He had a great impact on my young life, teaching me that life should never be too serious. If nothing else, he taught me to be cheerful and positive, enjoying life one day at a time and making the most of every moment.

Last year he dropped in and visited us on his whirlwind trip to Europe and the south west of England and he hadn’t changed a bit. He and Mirinda got on very well, too.

On the way home from the Talking Newspaper, I stopped for a pint in the Nelson Arms to toast my Uncle Ronnie and send him love and luck, hoping he beats this thing. I also toasted his family, knowing how hard it must be for them.

Cheers, Uncle Ronnie, and all my love and wishes.


At our place

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  1. Mirinda says:


  2. mum cook says:

    That was lovely Gary such great memory’s,and like you we hope he beats it.
    love mum

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