Managing the premises

So, Gary, are you a practical type of man?” I was asked by madam Chair.
Err, yes, I guess I am,” I answered, in my innocence.
Excellent! Well, would you like to be our new Accommodation Manager then?

And so, in the cut and thrust world of charity politics, I was given a position beyond that of ordinary committee member without portfolio. For today was my first official committee meeting for the Talking Newspaper (or FATN Talking News to give it it’s new name).

I was then given three tasks to complete, ranging from organising a cleaner to changing the sign over the front door to one with our new name. I’m clearly insane. Mind you, I did manage to get my official title changed from Accommodation Manager to Property Manager, maintaining that I’m more a PM than AM type of person. The other option was Facilities Manager which smacked too much of HR madness to me. It didn’t occur to me at the time but, as mum pointed out, Property Manager makes me sound like a real estate agent.

The meeting was good, with lots to discuss, which meant it ran to two and a half hours without dithering. I was assured that this is unusual and they’re generally much shorter. I quite like their efficiency. While I enjoy a good chinwag as much as other people, I don’t like it during meetings that are supposed to achieve something.

I also realised how a tablet could be handy. I’ve yet to buy in to the concept of the tablet. For obvious anti-Apple reasons, I’d never get an iPad but an Android tablet would make things a lot easier than having lots of bits of relevant paper and a pad to write on. If I had the documents on a tablet, I could study the minutes, take notes and not have to carry around a big folder full of committee minutes and associated documentation…like everyone else did.

Of course, carrying around copious amounts of printed matter is fine if you have a car but when you walk everywhere, it can be a tad cumbersome. And my phone is too small for anything more than texting and making abbreviated shopping lists.

Speaking of walking, the weather had improved a bit. That is to say, it had stopped raining. Apparently one town in the South East received 50mm of rain yesterday (not our town, thankfully). The average for June is 32mm for the entire region! And the hose pipe ban is still in force. Mind you, as I mentioned to the Sainsburys delivery man, they don’t have to lift it when you don’t need to use it. I think the drought has been lifted though.

Which reminds me…one of the reasons we have a water shortage is, as reported on the radio, because some local councils have been selling off reservoirs for housing, in an attempt to save outgoings and increase incomings. I’d call that somewhat short sighted, if it’s true. While housing maybe necessary, it’s hardly more necessary than water: Without it, we’ll all die.

But, today at least, the rain held off and once I’d had lunch, I took the girls up to the park for the first time since last Thursday. To say they were excited would be understating their reaction a lot. The fact that a lot of the park is muddy and slushy did not deter them one bit. Mind you, we took the all weather path right around for most of it, leaving it in order to check out the castle renovations taking place.

A while ago, a scaffold was erected on the castle’s exterior walls in order to allow workmen access to repair the top section. This was completed a while ago and now they are pulling the old stones out of the face and, I assume, replacing them. These two guys looked like they were totally enjoying themselves in their demolition work.

Rock and roll builders

This short detour also allowed us the opportunity to check out the progress of the newly grassed area. The rain has obviously agreed with it as we saw lots of clumps of green springing up in the bare patches. If we ever have a summer, I think this area will look as good as new. Just in time for the next circus troupe.

Improving muddy situation

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the garden, planting cosmos and a few bushy plants in the old nettle patch, something which has been held up by the incessant rain.

All in all, a busy day.

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  1. mum cook says:

    We have had wonderful sunshine for the last 3 days and our T V guy did not come think he must be waiting for the rain again.
    love mum


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