A little off the back, please

Unhappy with Mirinda being the only one in the house with a grazed knee, I decided to even things up a bit this morning by falling over on the way to the station. While I’m pretty much one of the clumsiest people I know, I blame the banks.

Today was a big day in the garden. An age ago we had a tree guy come out to check out the unhealthy willow (not hornbeam) and we decided to have it removed. Today was the removal day and three burly guys with all manner of big boy toys turned up bright and early.

How the garden looked last night

We left them to their less than envied tasks while I walked Mirinda to the station (and fell over). Upon my return, the back garden had completely changed.

All looking a bit different

Now I realise this new look is a bit stark and, at the moment, decimated, but it’s a lot better than having a sick willow which is gradually heading for the house, a crab apple tree which has some sort of weird disease and a hedge I hate. And, of course, eventually it will all be so much better.

Anyway, they worked solidly (with just a few breaks for food and water) in what has been the hottest day of the year so far. They really earned their money today!

These guys don’t remove stumps. Instead they grind them up using a big lethal monster of a machine which makes a lot of noise but which, apparently, does a great job. I particularly like the hazard fence they erect around the operation.

Hungry for Mr Stumpy

They finished at about 4:30 (they had to fix the grinder at one stage) so now it’s just up to the fencing guys to do their bit tomorrow. Anyway, this is what it looked like at the end of the (working) day.

End of day, nice and tidy

It may not be immediately apparent why I blamed the banks for grazing my knee so let me explain. This morning I sped on ahead of Mirinda in order to get her some cash out of an ATM. The one I normally use was out of order (money?). The second one had an old lady at it who wasn’t having an easy time of it and looked set in for the day. The third one, as if in sympathy with the first, was out of order. Finally, the fourth one was working.

Of course, Mirinda had long ago walked passed all the ATMs and I had to walk quite swiftly to catch her up. And that’s when it happened. For some reason my foot refused to lift up and I went pitching forward.

Added to my forward movement was Mirinda’s excessively, post-holiday back pack, strapped firmly to my back. Gravity had its part to play as the added weight sent me straight down. My knee immediately turned bloody and I felt instantly stupid. I’m convinced no-one saw me as I was back up in an instant (having retrieved my straw hat from the gutter before any cars could flatten it).

At least I didn’t ruin my jeans, given it was a glorious day and I was wearing shorts. I can’t say the same for my poor knee.

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2 Responses to A little off the back, please

  1. mum cook says:

    What a difference looks great and as you say nice and clear.
    The dogs will think they are in someone eles garden.
    love mum

  2. admin says:

    I’m really looking forward to the dogs’ reactions!


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