A very wet drought

Ever since the hose pipe ban was put in place, the rain hasn’t stopped. Over here, they call it a drought…back home they’d call it the rainy season.

So poor Mirinda had a very wet birthday. But not only that, she also has an awful cold. It seems to be getting worse rather than better. She can’t sleep properly because of the awful hacking cough and so along with feeling poorly, she’s also extremely tired.

This afternoon (at 5 o’clock to be precise) she suddenly asked for Vienna truffles or Brazil nut toffee from Thorntons. being her birthday and seeing as she’s sick…I quickly went to the PC and found their phone number. After two short rings, Luke answered. I said “Hello, Luke. I wonder if you could tell me what time you close today.” I thanked Luke when he told me 5:30.

I was out the front door by 5:05. It normally takes me 15 minutes to get from our door to Starbucks and Thornton’s is closer…just. I thought I’d make it with minutes to spare. As I walked quickly by ChimiChanga (the new Mexican style restaurant recently opened in Castle Street where Brasseries Gerard and then Cafe Uno were) I noticed the big Seiko clock hanging out of the wall of a jewellery shop. With sinking heart I worked out what the hands were telling me. The clock said it was 5:35. I knew I was in trouble.

But then I looked at my watch. Through the driving rain I could see it was actually 5:20 and the stupid Seiko clock was wrong. I quickly crossed the Borough and strolled confidently into Thorntons, dripping rainwater everywhere.

I immediately spotted Luke. It wasn’t difficult. he was the only person there and he was wearing a badge with ‘Luke’ on it.

Ah, Luke! Just the man. I need some Viennese truffles and some Brazil nut toffee, if at all possible.

Luke thought for a very brief moment and then leapt forward to the appropriate shelf in the appropriate display. He waved packets of both in my face, asking if I’d prefer the smaller packets to the big. I won’t bother answering that here.

Luke, you have saved my life. I have an ill wife in bed at home and it’s her birthday. This is just what she needs.

I paid and left, starting to rush back up Castle Street before realising that it didn’t matter now, my mission was completed, I had the spoils in my bag and was returning victorious. Thank you Luke.

Oh, did I mention it didn’t stop raining all day?

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2 Responses to A very wet drought

  1. Mirinda says:

    And very nice they were. Although very little bags.

  2. mum cook says:

    What a husband (not many would do that)
    love mum

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