A few weeks ago I applied to the Science Museum for a voluntary position. It’s an excellent way to get in on the ground floor for working in a museum and chances only turn up occasionally. I picked up the chance from a Tweet sent by one of the students at uni. Ah, the value of Twitter!

I hadn’t heard anything back for ages and then, on Friday, they sent me an email inviting me for an interview today. It meant skipping class but I decided it was well worth it. It also meant leaving home an hour later than normal.

Mirinda was flat hunting today so we travelled in together and parted at Waterloo. Her for the Thames Clipper and me for the Tube.

Naturally I was there early and sat on a comfy chair and waited for Oliver. Today was the start of the interviews and they’re seeing people all week. Finally, on the dot of 11, Oliver came out and invited me in.

The interview was pretty much the same as any job interview I’ve been to. The usual questions like “Tell us how you’ve put in that bit extra in a job,” and “Let us know a time you’ve improved a process.” These sort of questions I can answer, easily! Fortunately they didn’t ask any of those stupid questions like “How would you explain to an alien how entertaining radio is?

They seemed really nice and I hope I get in. The job I’d like to get is inputting hand written documents relating to scientific glass. I have no idea what scientific glass is but it’s entering information into a spreadsheet, in preparation for it to be entered into the database. So, basically transcribing.

I’ll not find out till after Easter. So, fingers crossed!

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2 Responses to Glassware

  1. Mum Cook says:

    That sounds good we have ou fingers crossed for you pity it is such a long wait still I bet a lot applied for it, and good luck for Mirinda with her hunt.
    love mum

  2. Claire says:

    Good luck ,Ihope you are the chosen one.Andrew has volunteered to coach a soccer team.The first saturday he was away and Fiona thought she would have to fill in .Fortunately the game was cancelled much to her relief. Fiona has never played soccer. Claire

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