My limping has induced sore calves. They are aching more than my pained heel. Stupid feet.

Today was all about investigation. It took some digging but I finally found out who owns the small block of land behind us. I think Mirinda has some crazy idea about buying it. My investigations took me from the Land Registry to the Ordnance Survey map to Waverley Council and back again.

When she first gave me this mission, I blanched, wondering how I would go about it. It seemed next to impossible, particularly after my first, tentative steps, but this afternoon my perseverance paid off.

Interestingly, the people who originally owned it were turned down by the council to build a house on it and then sold it to the people who bought a bungalow that backs onto it. They now seem to be using it to dry their washing and grow vegetables in a raised bed.

Of course, that isn’t all I did today. After walking Mirinda to the train, shopping then ringing mum and dad, I took the poodles up to the park for a walk. We ran into quite a few dogs (which Carmen enjoyed but Day-z didn’t) including this gorgeous beagle who either wanted to play with the poodles or thought they were foxes. Eventually it wandered off behind it’s owner and her other four dogs.

Where have all the foxes gone?

We also saw an awful lot of helicopters. We generally see the regular Chanook flights to and from the RAF base in Odiham but today it was lots of little ones. Like this:

Looking for clues

Maybe they were all out looking for escaped convicts…or beagles. All a bit odd. Actually, this one had a big spotlight on the front which was pretty useless in the middle of the day.

Looking back over old posts, I realised that the new playground is now a year old. It opened last Easter and has been very well used. This is what it looks like now:

After the first year

It’s the spring equinox tonight…where is the year going?

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  1. mum cook says:

    What was the idea behind the land (build a extra house for visitors) LOL That’s a great pic of the Beagle a very handsome dog. You dont have much in the playground.
    love mum

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