Spoiling Breakfast

Sian Williams

Two of the biggest reasons why I enjoy Breakfast on the BBC are Bill & Sian. They are like good friends every morning, accompanying my coffee and attempts at waking.

A while ago, the BBC announced that they were moving the Breakfast studio from London to Salford (Manchester). I don’t know why you’d spoil a winning formula but there you go. Anyway, Bill said he’d go to Salford but Sian was unprepared to uproot her family and move. And today was her last show.

She was very emotional by the end of it this morning. She was very close to bursting into tears but, like the trooper she is, she held them back. I have to admit to being a bit weepy myself. I’ll miss you, Sian.

It kind of made me feel like this:

The end of the road is a bench then a drop

Apart from Tears at Breakfast, today was mainly about waiting and walking. Waiting in waiting rooms and walking to and from them. Just annoying, really.

I went to the doctor in the morning and waited half an hour passed my appointment time. I waited at the vets for ten minutes after my appointment time. Finally, I waited to get some blood removed. Strictly speaking, there was no appointment for the final one – you have to take a number and wait – but I still had to wait.

I visited the doctor to see about a strange pain – which is why I had to give them some blood to test – which they were unable to explain. The vet was so that Day-z could get a new course of inconstancy pills. The vet kindly cut their nails for me while we were there as well as sell me a huge bucket of pills for Carmen to ease her into arthritis as slowly as possible.

And through it all, the poodles just waited for their walk.

Carmen waits

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1 Response to Spoiling Breakfast

  1. mum cook says:

    She is a lovely looking lady sorry you are losing your program.
    What strange pain and where?
    love mum

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