Today is the first day I have really felt like spring has arrived. Ok, so far March has been pretty glorious but, even so, today just felt right. And it appears I’m not the only one.

The postman, who has never really spoken to me before, decided today was the right day to chat about how wonderful it was having frosty mornings and no rain. His face was a picture of grinning. He was very chatty. He said “Nice to meet you” as he mounted his bike to pedal off to next door.

On my walk into Farnham, everybody said “Good morning“. It isn’t exactly rare for people to greet me as I walk into town but today it was everyone. Now that is rare! And all smiling they were too. Mothers with babies and toddlers, couples with dogs, old men with sticky out ears. All of them.

Obviously the staff in Starbucks were all cheerful but they always are. It’s really nice when the baristas know what I have. Today I was standing patiently in line behind a woman and her small son of about 4, trying to decide what to eat. Not him, the son, he had picked his meal and was at the counter. No, it was her. She dithered and faffed and generally held us all up. The girl on the coffee bar noticed me, waved and gestured if I was having it in or taking away. I gestured back. By the time the woman and her son had finished, my coffee was waiting at the till and all I had to do was pay. I do like that.

Taking the dogs for their walk I was pleasantly surprised when a couple of teenagers (from the uni by the looks of their clothes) smiled and said hello when we passed them by in Badger Wood. The joys of spring are obviously highly addictive.

And then, to top it all off, this afternoon a chap came to read the electric meter. Generally when this happens, the guy comes in, reads it and goes. Usually takes about a minute. Not today. He fussed over the dogs, was whistling and commented on how wonderful the day was as he strolled away ten minutes later.

Gee I love spring. And daylight saving starts this weekend. We are finally over the dark period.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Wish I could say the same here, mind you I had a good report from the Dr blood pressure on the way to normal we had our flu japs so no colds for us.Posting photos off to you tomorrow & did you email Jo.
    Love mum

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