Giving things up

A day that started out grey and miserable and ended up gloriously sunny and blue. VERY English. I think it even rained at about 10am. I say ‘think’ because I was in the hairdresser’s at the time and it all looked a bit damp when I emerged.

Yes, today was my three monthly visit to see Gordon at Flamingo in order for him to make me not look my age. I noticed the obvious landing strip streaks extending beyond the invisible the other day and knew it was time to send the clock into reverse.

I actually love having my hair done but never like the inevitable ‘chat’ that goes with it. Which explains why I like Gordon. There’s no meaningless chat with Gordon. Actually, there’s no chat at all. Put the dye on, let it set, wash it then cut it. Brilliant. My kind of hairdresser. And the results are pretty good too.

Back to my proper age

My next stop was Starbucks (of course) to be asked by the young barista (boy) what I was giving up for Lent. I gave him my usual answer of “Lent” and then asked why he wanted to know. Apparently everyone has been telling him what they’re giving up. He said he was going to borrow my answer for the next person that asked.

The barista who was making my coffee (girl) then offered the following on the subject of giving stuff up for Lent.

I don’t want to steal anything else from the Christians. We’ve already taken Christmas and Easter. It wouldn’t be right.

Genius! Both the boy and I cracked up with laughter. She really has a great delivery as well but it’s a bit difficult to type it so you’ll just have to believe me. I suppose I should have asked her to repeat it into my phone so I could record it. I merely typed it up on my phone to save for later. As I said, you’ll just have to believe me about her delivery.

Over my latte, I finished reading about Atilla the Hun (according to the book, he has been somewhat maligned) and went on to a book about the naming of some London streets. Bleeding Heart Yard was the first and very bloody history.

Shopping passed by without anything happening and I was soon home to the crazy poodles. I decided they needed a walk in order to calm down so we popped up to the park as the sun came out and the clouds rapidly dispersed.

It was lovely in the park. There were a couple of weird people wandering up and down the Avenue of Trees, separated by about 50 yards and walking at the same speed. One said hello and the other ignored me.

The only dogs we saw were a couple of greyhounds who, unusually, the poodles didn’t want to chase.

Come on, poodles! What's wrong with you?

And then, back home to lunch and housework.

So, I guess what I really gave up for Lent (for today at least) was writing a long blog post. I can hear the relief from here.

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2 Responses to Giving things up

  1. mum cook says:

    I would have thought what you gave up for Lent was your hair as you had it cut. love mum

  2. mum cook says:

    Forgot to mention your photo very handsome I shall pinch it, love mum


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