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Back to school I hobbled. The trouble with gout…well, apart from the actual gout…is the fact that, in order to walk, you have to hobble on the outside of the affected foot. Once the gouty bit eases off, your entire foot aches because of the odd way you’ve been walking. And so, I hobbled to uni with a foot that is sore all over. Still, it’s not as bad as the gout!

Todays first class was about Digital Libraries. Actually, the whole second half of the semester is about them. I missed last week (when I was sick) so I had a quick catch-up on the train. I’d downloaded the notes to my trusty netbook and tried to stay awake reading them. God, I love my netbook. I call her Nettles.

So we listened to Andy as he explained the intricacies of creating and maintaining DLs (as he calls Digital Libraries) and then, after the break mid-class, we huddled in our groups to prepare for the tutorial. Our group is very small. It’s not actually really small but a lot of them weren’t there. Compared to the other three groups, we were minute!

After chatting about all manner of DL stuff, we started discussing who would get up and give the tutorial. Alison said she had the flu so she couldn’t. Maria stated that she’d been dumped on Friday and had been crying all weekend, so she couldn’t. I decided to offer my gout into the mix. Fortunately, Alice was happy to present. She did an admirable, if somewhat rushed, job. Rushed because the other groups had gone over their ten minute time limit, leaving her zero minutes.

Interestingly, Maria was dumped by text. I thought this was just an urban myth. Apparently not. Poor thing. I was dying to ask her what she texted back but she was on the other side of the group and I didn’t want to open any wounds that may have still been tender. For next weeks tutorial, we’ve been paired up so maybe I’ll ask her then.

After lunch in the park – it was a lovely day – I trotted off (slowly) to a far from exciting lecture on indexing and tagging. It was every bit as dull as it sounds. Still, it’s one of those things I HAVE to know. I hadn’t realised that I already knew. A few people took advantage of the mid-class break to escape. I wish I’d been as fleet of foot. Damn gout, defeats me again.

The second half of the class was an exercise. We had to index an article or four. The classroom was very warm. I was getting very tired. The class ended just in time.

I chatted to Mirinda on my journey back to Waterloo. She’d been out looking at flats today and had a lot to tell me. The bus ride was very quickly over. The dogs went insane when I arrived home. Actually, they’re still going insane. They keep hearing something out the back. I’m not letting them go out and bark.

And then, at 7:45, while I was talking to Mirinda on the phone, there was a knock at the door. I thought it was a neighbour come to complain about the girls being too noisy. Standing before me were two clean cut chaps with laminated badges on. I asked what they wanted.

Good evening, sir,” One started. “We’ve come to give you a message.

Then I read the badges. The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. I was very tempted to ask them which saints were the latter ones. Was the cut off St Joan, perhaps? Later? Earlier? I actually really wondered. I think I’ll have to google it because I just said I wasn’t in the least bit interested and shut the door.

Can you believe it? 7:45 at night! A message? I have a message for them. And it isn’t from some mythical spirit creature and some selected heavenly host, either.

Just to prove it was a lovely day, I took this at lunchtime at uni. This is the main building. Isn’t it ugly?

Lunch outside uni

Lunch outside uni

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2 Responses to Library Stuff

  1. Claire says:

    The Latter Day Saints are more commonly known as Mormans.Angledool is in flood we hope the water only gets onto our verandahs.George & Pat are safe their home has never been flooded althoughl they will be cut off from Angledool and Lightning Ridge.They have sufficient supplies.Fiona!s house is very nice especially the pool ,garden and verandah.Fiona sends regards to Mirinda and Gary. Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    What a cheek coming at that time of night I would have given them the shove as well. Hope Bob and Claire are dry did not know it was in there area.
    Great talking to you last night hope you have not got a sore throat,did you email Joanne. love mum

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