Weekend catch up

Three years ago, a new restaurant opened in Farnham. It was called Anderson’s. We went and had a meal not long after it opened. The food was great but the helpings were way too big. It meant a night out couldn’t get as far as dessert because you were just too full after a starter and most of your main meal. The quality of the food, however, was excellent.

It feels like an odd thing to say but we never went back because of the size of the meals.

On Saturday night we decided, on the spur of the moment, to go out to dinner and, as Anderson’s is (almost) our closest restaurant, and still there, we decided to give it a try. While very busy, they managed to squeeze us in.

What a change! After three years, the food is just as good but the helpings have been reduced to a more manageable level. The service is just as good and worth recommending.

The menu is really imaginative as well. Mirinda had a seafood knickerbocker glory which featured some delicious avocado ice cream atop layers of prawns and seafood sauce. It looked remarkably like a dessert and tasted (according to Mirinda) delicious.

The only downside to our meal was my creme brulee. On the Gaz scale, it only managed a 4/10 mainly because the top was like a thick layer of toffee rather than a thin slice of burnt sugar. This tended to dominate everything, spoiling the perfection of the custard mix. Also the vanilla seeds were all on the bottom rather than mixed through. While this did give a rather intense flavour of vanilla when you discovered it, I’d rather have it a little more evenly divided.

One slightly annoying thing…we had a virgin waitress who still needs a bit of work. Wrong spoon and no dessert wine, was a bit of a down side. Possibly a bit harsh as she was very nice (like all the staff) and I’m sure she’ll improve.

Still, all in all, a lovely meal at a lovely restaurant. Mirinda said we’ll see what it’s like in 2015.

Our Sunday walk was around the whole park, avoiding the squishy bits as best we could. With the snow melting into sludge, the off-road sections did not look particularly appealing. It’s still a very enjoyable walk and so handy having an all-weather path all the way around.

Mirinda and the poodles, all wrapped up

And just a short word on blog-stats. My posting of the Hankley film set sparked off an incredible flood of hits. Apparently there’s a number of James Bond sites where fans seem to devote (what appears to be) their entire lives debating and spreading the word about upcoming JB films. Seriously, they even go as far as to try and work out the number of scenes in a new movie based on research and the merest of sightings.

Anyway, a member of one of these Bond forums posted a link to my blog entry and my hits shot up to 193 over the day. This beat my previous highest (81) into a cocked hat! My stats allow me to see where people have come from and I traced them back to four Bond forums. Not being a big Bond fan, I found it all quite mysterious.

Oddly, the top post of all time is still Through the Keyhole although Filming at Hankley and Snow White at Frensham are quickly gaining on it. Poor old Naked Jenny Agutter is slipping well behind. I guess the best way to get more hits is to post something about a new film set! It’s rather sad though that with all these hits, I didn’t get one single comment from anyone except my regulars.

Finally…today I managed to get rid of both our old TV and DVD player on Freecycle. Such a brilliant idea. Much better than just dumping them.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Wish we had something like that here I had to put our video in bin although that did not work the DVD did some bright person might have been able to fix it.
    love mum


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