As the crow flies

I have been busy giving myself physio therapy today and my wrist is sore! I must be doing it right then. At least I hope so.

Speaking of physio, Carmen went for a slightly longer walk today. I think the cold has been getting to her as well. Her limp was more pronounced this morning and particularly after the walk. We all managed to walk as far as the castle and back.

While we were up there I managed to get almost a great shot of a crow in flight. I say ‘almost’ because it would have been much better if it had been coming towards us rather than running away. And on a slightly better angle.

Taking home a claw full of mud

I also saw a crow chase off another bird. It was all too quick so I couldn’t identify the other one. It was slightly smaller than the crow but was happy to turn tail feathers and run when the crow saw fit to chase it.

We don’t just see birds in the park. The poodles much prefer chasing squirrels and, fortunately for them, we see lots. They’re always too quick for the dogs who always manage to go the wrong way. Here was one hiding in a hedge.

Those stupid poodles will never see me here

It was very cold up the park this afternoon. It felt like snow weather and, not surprisingly, snow has been forecast for tonight. Subsequently, we didn’t see many people (or dogs). We did see one chap with a dog called Lily who wanted to play with the poodles. Of course the poodles just ran around my legs, their lead getting increasingly shorter. They also squealed a bit.

It’s their noise that makes the birds fly away from the feeders in the garden. I’m trying to work out how I can get them to do it on cue so I can get better flight shots. However, poodles regardless, I managed to get a few. This blue tit was leaping between the fatballs and the feeder.

Leap of faith

While this Great tit appears to be perching in mid-air. He must have just closed his wings as the camera went off. It looks quite odd.

Walking in the air...

And this poor fellow looks like he’s been blown backwards from something! I know it’s a bit out of focus but I thought it was such an unusual shot, I thought I’d include it.

Caught in strong winds

Because of my new found love of bird photography, this blog is starting to take on all the charm of Nature Notes! So, for today’s observation, I’m going to report on the green finches.

I noticed today that the green finches chase off other birds (of all types) from the feeders when they consider they’ve had enough. It’s strange but they seem to wait a bit and then see them off. Unlike the collared doves who spend as much time as possible getting rid of any other collared dove that wants to feed as well. They are like spoilt children – never sharing. The green finches, on the other hand, are like bossy parents, apportioning out seed in a fair and even manner.

To round off, here’s a typical sight on the path every day:

Royal Male

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2 Responses to As the crow flies

  1. mum cook says:

    Lovely pics and great to see an English postman would do our lot out here to ride bikes might lose some weight.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    I love the one with the blue tit being blown backwards but your photos generally are getting amazingly good.

    It is cute seeing the cycling posties and they are at least more courteous than the typical cyclist.

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