Answering my questions

I received a reply from Agora Publishing – see my post from two days ago. It was, actually, a very informative reply. The interestingly named Novelette Walker, told me where they had received my information. I thanked her profusely and then wrote the offending company a scathing email, letting them know exactly what I thought of them. Which made me feel really good.

Something else that made me feel really good was the bird song this morning. I was stood, motionless, at the beginning of our magnificent path, watching the birds avoid my camera lens and the noise of their chattering was deafening. It reminded me of that awful woman who used to live next door to us who hated the dawn chorus because it was too loud. But the memory did not linger long and I just soaked in the lovely sounds.

Wings Akimbo

And over the time I watched, I saw blue tits, great tits, coal tits, collared doves, sparrows, gold finches, green finches, a male chaffinch (that I thought was a female sparrow until Mirinda corrected me), robins, wood pigeons, a nuthatch or two (I can never tell if it’s the same one), and missed a woodpecker that Mirinda assured me she saw on the twisty tree while I was at the shops.

In fact, there was a huge mass of birdlife in the garden today and I think they’re getting used to the camera staring single eyed at them from beneath bushes. The one thing they can’t get used to…or should I say two?…is this pair.

Pesky poodles - the avian guards

Though, for all their running and barking, disturbing the birds, they do keep the cats away which would disturb the birds a LOT more.

And I had the pleasure of sharing all the life in the garden with Mirinda as she’s home sick. The conference made her sick. That’s what she’s saying. She’s full of cold and stuck in bed (except for occasional walks up the path). I am keeping my distance. I don’t want it without the benefit of going to a conference and driving a go-kart or mixing cocktails.

Because of Mirinda’s infirmity, I made a second trip into Farnham in order to buy her some restorative truffles. On the way back, the moon looked fantastic in the still blue sky. I almost rushed home in order to snap a photograph.

Moon over Farnham

I really needed my tripod to keep it steadier and if I’d have taken it a bit earlier, it wouldn’t be so yellow. Still, it’s my first moon so things can only get better.

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  1. mum cook says:

    very nice moon.
    love mum


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