Feeling the strain

I managed to (accidentally) get a shot of a coal tit this morning. These tiny fellows dart in and out so quick, you don’t usually see them at all. He almost looks like he’s smiling.

Coal tit

When we went to Hankley on Saturday, Carmen hurt her leg. It wasn’t until the end of the walk. She was hobbling around looking completely bemused. I couldn’t find anything in her paw (stone, twig, thorn, etc) so we assumed she’d just strained something.

All day Sunday she was looking a bit sad and sorry and couldn’t walk on it. We figured if it wasn’t fixed by Monday, she’d be going to the vet. And so, today, she went to the vet.

The vet gave her an examination and it seems she has torn the cruciate ligament in one of her back legs. This is what her ‘knee’ looks like and what/where the cruciate ligament is.

Not Carmen's knee

Of course, the vet wasn’t 100% certain but she was pretty adamant that Carmen needed surgery ASAP. Part of the procedure is an x-ray first, just to make sure. If this shows that the ligament isn’t torn then she can probably just come home otherwise she’ll be in for yet another operation. She will be spending the day and night at the vet.

The pain has not stopped her leaping about on the furniture. Although, I should say, she misses more often with only three legs.

How’s this for a cheeky face?

Gold finch

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  1. mum cook says:

    Oh dear poor Carmen she seems to get things that her sister does not. yes he does have a cheeky face.
    Has the swelling gone down on your arm and did you post K card
    love mum

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