The thrilling French

Last night we watched a French thriller called Point Blank. Not to be confused with the 1967 Point Blank, (an American thriller starring Lee Marvin & Angie Dickinson) this is actually called À bout portant in French, which translates to At point blank range, which explains the English title…but it’s a bit annoying.

However, that’s about the only annoying thing in the film.

The French do two things really well when it comes to movies: comedy and thrillers. And this just proves it. This was non-stop from beginning to end. When the film slows down near the beginning, it’s just a brief respite before the roller coaster once more takes off at breakneck speed to the inevitable conclusion.

The film is about police and criminals and the blurry line between them. The director has amplified this by dressing them all in very dark outfits and making them all look the same. Throughout the film you’re never sure who is who, apart from the poor nurse’s aide, Sam (Gilles Lellouche), the reluctant ordinary man dragged ‘underground’ when his pregnant wife is kidnapped.

It’s a fantastic movie that, for 86 minutes, never lets up. If you don’t mind subtitles (or speak French) it’s well worth a watch.

Following yesterday’s attempt at bog snorkelling, I thought I should include a photo of the thoroughly clean Carmen. Mirinda told me it took three rinses before she was ready to apply the shampoo!

Carmen waits for another boggy adventure

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Well she can jolly well keep on waiting

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