Everything old is new again

There is something terribly satisfying about renewing an old bathroom top. It’s also very, very messy. Three hours to strip it, half an hour to stain it, an hour to clean up afterwards. I still have the varnishing to go but that has to wait for the stain to finish staining properly. I have to keep reminding myself not to turn the tap on seeing as the bowl is presently in the hallway.

Sanding the bathroom top

Mind you, it’s an excellent job for when the weather is foul, as it was all day. I am really glad it wasn’t as miserable yesterday – would have ruined the cricket! Mirinda asked me if they still play cricket when it’s raining. This was rather surprising because she’s never shown an interest in cricket before. I admit, I did laugh a bit.

In an amazing bit of news, Mirinda bought Day-z a new celebration toy yesterday. Actually, she bought four but she can only get one in her mouth at a time. She ran and found it when I arrived home last night. She seems to have forgotten her old one (in two bits). We think because the new one has a squeak that works.

In fact, this morning, she ran outside with her new toy and tripped over her old one. She stopped, looked back at it, thought about it for about a millisecond then ignored it as she ran outside with the new one squeaking dementedly in her mouth.

A new celebration toy for Day-z

So my day was filled with brown dust, smelly stain, Day-z squeaking and not much else. I did quite like the effect of the rain on the gladdies so include this photo.

Water on the gladiolus

I should add that it wasn’t really this bright – I used the flash!

And, of course, I can’t forget the best news of the day – Claire ate jelly today!!!!

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2 Responses to Everything old is new again

  1. mum cook says:

    Dont forget to show us when you have finished the bathroom top and yes Claire’s news was the best. Kelly looks well.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    Poor old celebratiOn toy 🙁

    She’s such a consumer


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