Heather Graham and the blue rose

As we managed to fit three days into yesterday, we decided to take it easy today and spent the day at home. Mirinda with her studying, me with…well just pottering, really.

We did go for a walk at Hankley late on. It looked lovely in the late afternoon sun.. The heather was all out, looking fresh and pinkish purple. This week, I made sure I had a card in my camera!

Heather at Hankley

As we walked we spotted, what looked like, two cheese scones in the path. This was a bit odd. I bent down and realised they were actually a couple of fungi, to all intents and purposes, out for a day in the country. We were quite amazed that someone (or thing) hadn’t kicked them over, squashed them or otherwise disturbed their progress across the path – given that fungus travels so slowly.

Scones or mushrooms?

They are actually a type of puff ball fungus which have shot their loads, which is how they spread their spores. That’s why they are open at the top.

The heather from the ridge, Hankley

We also watched Fire Walk With Me, in two parts today. It is the prequel to Twin Peaks and is seriously disturbed. Because it’s over two hours long, we watched half at lunch and finished it with dinner. It filled some holes but then created a whole lot more. David Lynch does like his obscure puzzles. Mirinda is not so keen.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Don’t think I have ever seen anything like your (scones) fungus
    look good though love mum x


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