The weather continues, poorly

Fortunately, when the heavens opened and Farnham was drenched for the umpteenth time this week, I was in the studio recording another edition for the Talking Newspaper.

It was the Alton edition this week, which, apart from anything else, means a late start and finish. I had two chaps reading for me today who I’ve never met before. This still amazes me after all this time. My third reader was Lindsey, whom I’ve read with many times.

They were a jolly group and we had a fun old time, chuckling away and generally being a bit cheeky…well, I was, anyway. I had to improvise during the sport section a bit because of the weather last weekend. It was so bad, there was no cricket results due to there being no cricket! The one story was of a disastrous game which ended up being incomplete. Though it was accompanied by a lovely photograph of a rainbow over the ground during one of the drier periods of play.

We describe the photographs for our listeners. Apparently they particularly like this. It makes sense, if you think about it. Most of the photographs are of smiling children and local dignitaries receiving or handing out giant cheques, so it was quite nice to get one of a rainbow over a cricket pitch. I also had a rather nice one of a water vole, poking its nose between some reeds on a river bank.

And, speaking of cricket, I had a nice little piece about the first game of cricket played at a particular ground in Hampshire (I can’t remember, and have never heard of, the place) where the writer explained the fact that once upon a time, runs were called notches. The reason for this was because the scorer would make notches in a piece of wood every time a batsman scored a run. I’m guessing paper was too expensive (we’re talking 1756) or just too valuable to waste on cricket scoring.

The recording all went smoothly (I’m ignoring the time I pressed the wrong button and we had to start again) and we managed to finish ahead of schedule – always a good thing.

Mirinda asked for a photograph of the auricula theatre so here is one. It was pretty dull by the time I arrived home from the Talking Newspaper so sorry about the quality. Still, you can see all the lovely flowers. Even though none of them are actually auriculas

The auricula theatre in bloom

I’ll get some photos of the front garden on the weekend…especially if the sun comes out!

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3 Responses to The weather continues, poorly

  1. mum cook says:

    Why do you call it a theatre? Looks very impressive anyway. I like it. love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    Rain? Trust me you don’t know the meaning of the word…

    But theatre looks gorgeous!

  3. Mirinda says:

    Readers will be pleased to know mums op went well … now the waiting game to see if it worked….

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