Look Ma! No eyes or ears!

Over the last couple of days I’ve almost been involved in collisions with teenagers. These were teenagers with little things stuck in their ears and their eyes glued to their phones as they walked. One actually apologised but that is hardly the point. Had he been watching me or the world around him or just anything real, he’d have avoided me completely.

Ignoring the danger in high traffic areas when they do really need their eyes and their ears to avoid death, I wonder what kind of mental damage they are doing to themselves. (I also wonder why their parents don’t care but I do realise it’s very difficult to control them, particularly when the parents control everything…except their kids. Maybe the parents could suggest blinkers as a way of forcing them to look ahead rather than down.)

I don’t care about physical damage because I don’t see there’s much difference between continually listening to stuff through earplugs/buds/headphones and assaulting your ears the way I did going to extremely loud rock concerts.

I remember hearing the AC/DC concert in Sydney which inspired the song Rock and Roll ain’t Noise Pollution and I was a suburb away. Or standing in front of the speakers when Led Zeppelin played in Sydney. And there’s nothing wrong with my hearing, regardless of what Mirinda may assert.

No, the physical side is not my concern and, to be completely honest, I don’t really care what they’re doing to their brains but it does make me wonder about long term effects. What does it say for the development of social skills if they’re always listening to something else that no-one else can hear? I think there’s a valuable study there though I doubt parents would do anything.

I remember someone I was following on social media years ago, discussing her savvy 12 year old son. They were sitting at the cinema, waiting for the film to start when she realised he was still plugged in, ears blocked with plastic. She tapped him on the shoulder and suggested he may hear the film better if he removed them.

He leaned close to her and whispered that they weren’t playing anything but he had to wear them in case anyone he knew saw him. From which I assume that all kids wear earplugs at the cinema with nothing playing just so they will be part of the ‘in crowd’.

I completely understand wanting to be part of the cool group but I’m not sure how cool a group is that has to have earplugs that aren’t actually doing anything but blocking your ears. Still, I’m not 12.

Apart from Battling the Brats, I shopped and walked the dogs and did some housework, glorying in the amazing September weather we’re currently living through.

Avenue of Trees

Mind you, the weather report this morning suggested we should all enjoy it while we can because things are going back to normal from Sunday with rain and cold arriving to dampen everyone’s spirits a bit.

One of the perks of beautiful September weather
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