Making steps

Today was another glorious day. Not too hot, though hot enough to dry three washing loads on the line, not cloudy at all and, naturally, no rain. It was the perfect late September, just gone summer day.

I decided against going to the gym because my cough hasn’t quite cleared up and I was still feeling a bit unwell. For the same reason I decided against going into Farnham at all. In any case, the day was perfect for working in the garden, something I rarely do and there was plenty of food.

The main job I had to do in the garden was to complete the siting of the hose from the terrace to the greenhouse. Gardener Dave and Stan had completed the bulk of the bracketing yesterday but there was a few more required up the back and some staking along the higgledy piggledy palisade. There was also the stretch along the greenhouse slab though that had to wait for the delivery of more stakes.

I didn’t cut the hose and fit the ends because I want Mirinda to decide how much overhang she wants. The hose was 164′ so there’s a lot to play with while intact but this could easily be rendered extremely annoying if I cut too much off.

Before starting the hose, however, I rang an electrician to get a quote on supplying electricity to the greenhouse so Mirinda can install a plant heating system which, apparently, she needs. Sean the Sparky told me he could drop over in the late afternoon.

This worked out perfectly, as it happened. I’d taken the girls to the park then returned. I was about to head up the back of the garden when Emma let me know someone was at the door. It was Sean and Phil. They made the correct comments about the extension before looking at the greenhouse and pacing out the distance.

The quote was given immediately and accepted just as quickly. Sean said he could do it next week until I told him I’d be in Naples. I said I was free the week after but he said he might be in Barbados. He left it that he’d ring me. I hope he’s not going to be like the torrent of decorators who quote to work in the library then just vanish.

The main job I started and completed today however, was using the remaining terrace tiles to create steps to the greenhouse and beyond, to the tool shed. I was very happy with the result and have to say that working up that end of the garden in the shade was something of a treat.

Emma on guard

The stakes turned up at about 4pm so I completed that as well. In fact, it was a very productive day. And, by the end of it, I was feeling a lot better.

The day was further improved when I had a call from Mirinda in Manchester – I didn’t hear from her yesterday. She told me about a couple of women at the conference who claimed that they regularly channelled their inner Mirinda by asking “What would Mirinda do?” when presented with a sticky situation. And so they should, I say!

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Mmmm that looks grand I must say! Can’t wait to get home and plant something


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