Surprise lunch

Having walked up to Farnham for essential supplies, and returned, somewhat exhausted, I sat in my office and rang mum. I didn’t call last week and Denise told me she’d been the recipient of countless texts saying I hadn’t called for ‘ages’. It shows the importance of regularity when it comes to mum.

Today she was full of news about the new bus. Yes, finally, the home has a bus of its own. I had been a bit concerned that the residents would all be just stuck at the home, only venturing out when with their kind friends and relatives took them somewhere else. Hopefully the bus will give them a lot more freedom.

Mum also told me about poor Les who had a small heart attack over dinner. Les and Glenys always sit with mum and I met them when I was over in May. Anyway, they were sitting eating when he suddenly stopped and turned, as mum said, ashen. Mum, in her account, went and found a ‘proper’ nurse and Les was rushed off to hospital.

He was returned a few days later feeling heaps better and, thankfully, still alive.

After hanging up, Mirinda suggested we pop over to Frensham and have lunch at the Holly Bush (which reminds me…in the Spanish police procedural we’re currently watching, the translator keeps spelling ‘Holy’ as ‘Holly’ so we get things like “Holly Hell, Sergeant!” though, to be fair, too much Holly can be quite hellish I guess) a suggestion I was more than happy with.

The day was beautiful, the sharing platter we shared, a delight, even the beer was welcome (it should be noted that I haven’t felt like any alcohol all week). Of course the puppies enjoyed it as well. In fact, Freya grabbed a bit of manchego rind off Mirinda’s plate with all the speed of an annoyed rattlesnake.

After this delightful surprise visit, we settled back at home, me in my office, Mirinda in the library, working on an essential spreadsheet for her work. This took most of the day. Still, it was lovely sitting, looking out the window, over the top of my laptop, at the mass of morning glories surrounding the obelisk at the moment.

The only photo I took today was across the front of the almshouses, showing the new lead covered shelters.

Looking perfect

Meanwhile, the Australian cricket team were fighting a losing battle on the third day of the fifth and final Ashes test. We may have already retained the Ashes but it’s still not nice losing. Still, in a summer of unpredictability (as far as cricket is concerned) who knows what will happen in the next two days.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    The alms house’s look a lot better than covered in that grim scaffolding- and the traffic in Farnham has vastly noticed this week.


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