Going the long way

Today I woke up feeling a bit better. The cough is still with me and I still felt quite tired all day but, basically, I felt better than I have. This was a very good thing because I had to take the girls to see Kate and have their coats cut.

I realised that Mirinda would prefer me to cancel their appointment but, as long as I could get there and back (and there and back again) I wanted it done. They have been unwittingly picking up a lot of the park and bringing it home which isn’t good for anyone.

So, we left home with enough time for a rest on the way if needed.

As we approached the top of the park, a couple of women walking a small black and white dog approached us. One of the women exclaimed that she thought it was me, as she’d explained to her friend. She didn’t know I had dogs and it was the lack of my basket that fooled her. I normally see her on my way into town to the shops.

I did stop once, to take a photo of the girls as a BEFORE photo. They are nothing like the poodles and never do anything together. This single photo was the best out of about a hundred. They really are pests.


Other than that, we just saw a lot of dogs before arriving at Kate’s. She took them away and I headed back home along the all weather path, dodging around incredibly rude cyclists.

Yesterday I say a YouTube video showing a cyclist head butting a pedestrian which demonstrated why a lot of people don’t like cyclists. The pedestrian was walking across a busy London road WITH the green man when this cyclist rode through the red light and almost hit him.

The pedestrian yelled something which was probably something like “Excuse me, dear chap! Take care!” The cyclist turned his bike around and approached the pedestrian with what can only be described as absolute menace. The pedestrian was clearly remonstrating with the cyclist about his bad road use. The cyclist, clearly a violent thug, lowered his head and slammed it into the face of the pedestrian who went flying onto the footpath. The cyclist then rode away as concerned on-lookers helped the pedestrian.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s the video:

Now, I’m not saying the cyclists in Farnham Park are THAT bad but they do expect me to get off this narrow path rather than ride on the grass.

Long, windy road

Having survived my walk back, I had just over an hour before having to head back up so I put the cricket on for a bit (avoiding any Geoffrey Boycott segments).

I’d checked the buses and there was a number 5 which would get me to Kate right on time so I caught it up and very soon had the girls ready to walk back down the hill.

Apart from a lady who was lost and wanted to walk into Farnham (Freya wanted to point her in the wrong direction but I set her on the right path) the trip back was pretty slow and steady with very few dogs to greet.


Late in the day I dyed my hair because I’m getting my own haircut tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Going the long way

  1. Mirinda says:

    Humph who are those ratty bug eyed dogs?And where are my little beauty pies

  2. Mirinda says:

    And I have always hated cyclists


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