So pleased to see you!

The cough is still with me, irritating me, driving me a bit batty. I am also still quite weak if I exert myself. For this reason I thought it wise not to go to work today. Plus, as it turned out, I have a dose of diarrhoea which would not have been fun on the multiple trains I take on a Wednesday.

And so I did very little (apart from research dead soldiers between snoozy naps and walking the dogs in the park. Actually, we didn’t go very far at all today. Or rather I didn’t. Emma goes miles chasing her ball and Freya tends to go where the squirrels lead.

My only human contact was with a chap who walked by us with his dog. After talking about whether he should get a second one (I said yes) he said it was great how much dogs love you. I agreed. He then said:

“Lock your wife in the car, and lock your dog in the car and see which one greets you most when you get back.”

Things were so dull, I didn’t even take a photo.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    I’m sorry to say I laughed out loud at that…


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