And, for clarification, the title does not refer to that cheesy 1973 film about robot cowboys starring Yul Brynner as a robot gunslinger.

Weather wise, it was horrid today. On Breakfast they said there would be intermittent showers and boy were they right. The showers came and stopped, the sun came out then went in and the showers started again. It was like this all day. Subsequently my weeding was somewhat erratic.

I would rush out as the rain stopped, start ripping them out then race back in when the rain started again. I managed to weed the hot border. That’s about it, really. During periods of wet I did filing; catching up on the paperwork backlog.

We did manage to get a walk in (though we did get wet a few times) and spotted a few other brave (and damp) souls. Two of them were happily chatting while five Westies circled them, sniffing and generally enjoying life in general. The poodles gave them a wide berth…fortunately. I’d hate to think what would happen if they’d all kicked off.

As I passed the two women I remarked that they had a whole world of Westies at their feet and they laughed. It was a litter of puppies. They were ridiculously cute. Not that Carmen and Day-z thought so. Their tails went down and they trotted by as quickly as possible.

It was impossible to take any photos of the park today so here’s a couple from yesterday.

Day-z being unusually obedient on the big log

Mirinda's favourite view in Farnham Park

And finally, our lovely hollyhocks that sit next to Sidney, keeping her company. It should be noted that the hollyhocks happened completely by accident; some random seeds dropped by some random (but clearly artistic) bird…or wind.

Sidney's hollyhocks

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2 Responses to Westieworld

  1. mum cook says:

    Just had an email from Jan she lost your mobile number so I had to get it to her quick which I did. The same as I send it so hope that is right. Don’t know if you knock a few numbers off it. You are in the uk so maybe you had better text her just in case. Love the Hollyhocks. Your garden must be looking very pretty. You certainly look after it. Damn rain! Took dad to hosp this morning at 6 – bad pains in tummy. Turned out the little balloon in his catheter was not working and dad was not draining out. He was in agony but home now and asleep so will pick up quickly I hope. Tell you tonight. Love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    The hollyhocks match sidney – we will have to continue with a burgundy car.

    Poor Fred!

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