I’m livid, Gary!

There was some sort of ruckus in our garden this morning and I have no idea what it was or why. I do know that Gardener Dave turned up with Luigi (as usual) and a young fellow called Joe who was about nine feet tall and very jolly. It may have been that Joe was related to the boss and was tagging along for the day before going back to uni. That is a guess.

Whatever the reason, Dave wasn’t in his usual happy mood. He also made the point (repeatedly) that they wouldn’t be there as long as usual because there were three of them. This meant no coffee break, so he said, because they’d have to work through.

Anyway, I took them through Mirinda’s list (she went off to work when they arrived) and left them to, what was basically, some large scale weeding. I sat in the extension with the puppies and worked on some war dead. The puppies were happy to just lie around apart from the occasional raucous yapping from the beautiful one.

Speaking of perfectly behaved dogs, first thing this morning, as I rose from the lounge to get dressed, I looked down at them and thought they looked almost angelic…if a cockerpoo can be described as angelic.


Meanwhile things in the garden continued until it was time to leave. Dave, as normal, knocked on the window to get my attention and we started on the inspection of work done. I noticed that Dave wasn’t looking very happy and I mentioned it, asking if he was okay. His reply shocked me.

No, Gary, I’m absolutely livid!” He said with great feeling.

There was no time for explanation as we wandered around looking at the work. Besides, it probably wasn’t the ideal time to ask him what was wrong with Luigi and Joe standing right beside him so I figured it could wait till next time. Hopefully neither of us will forget.

They packed up and left and I set about doing washing. It was when I went down to put the washing line up that I noticed something I’m certain wasn’t there before. One of the Staffies had been knocked loose from the edge of the middle step.

Not happy about this!

Clearly I’m going to have to cement it back in place as soon as possible. Fortunately I do know how and it’s not particularly difficult but, seriously, I’m not happy.

The trouble is, I didn’t see anything happen and I can’t swear that it wasn’t like that before – suddenly noticing something is not evidence that it just happened – and the fact that Dave didn’t say anything is rather indicative given he normally tells me everything. Unless he didn’t notice either.

The rest of the day was calamity free with washing, dogs to the park and general housekeeping. The weather was ideal – sunny and never too hot. Even lunch was easy given it was leftover tapas from yesterday and dinner was salad with leftover roast pork from yesterday as well.

Apart from the brick, it was an all round lovely day.

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