Warship Wednesday

This morning I was very lucky to be able to record the disembarking of the beautiful Shabib Oman 2 as it left Portsmouth Naval Base, pulled and prodded by a couple of tugs. And, apart from it looking gorgeous, I have to say that it had the biggest flag I’ve ever seen on a ship before. It doesn’t look that big in the photo but, when the wind caught it, it was massive.

Built in 2014, the Shabib Oman 2 is currently heading for Morocco, having visited Portsmouth since August 8. She was built by Damen Shipyards, in the Netherlands for the Royal Oman Navy. While she’s clearly a wooden, three masted tall ship, she is also completely fitted out with top tech which enable her to sail the sea in any weather and still look gorgeous.

Having watched her slowly head out to the Channel, I headed in to work. And it was all change this week with the office having been moved to the Reading Room. In fact, the space once occupied by the office was completely empty, waiting for someone with a big hammer to make a door to the outside in the middle of it.

Heather settled me at a desk and we grabbed a shelf load of books for me to work on before she had to dash off for Gosport to sort something (or someone) out.

So, this week, I was working on V800, the classification for books full of warships. This sounds interesting however, after the first couple it seriously is not. I think I must have worked on 30 of them and, basically they were all the same with slightly different titles (British Warships, British Warships 1914-1919, British Warships 1895-1906, Warships of the World, From Ironclad to Dreadnought, and so on and so on).

There were a few bright spots in this otherwise darkened collection, such as two books by my old friend Laird Clowes (of Science Museum fame) and a couple that featured JJ Colledge as a co-author. These, however, were not quite enough to prevent boredom from seeping in. Naturally I just went as fast as I could, hoping from some relief…which never really arrived.

Just a tiny sample of the books for today

The shelves are coming out of the Reading Room next week so everyone thought it safest if none of the volunteers came in so I’ll miss another week. I reckon it’s prefereable to having a bookshelf on my head.

Also, here’s the video of Freya and her tail I mentioned yesterday.

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