No rain Tuesday

Today was most peculiar. It didn’t rain. Not one drop. It’s the first day for what feels like ages. In fact, the day was so perfect that I was able to put a number of washing loads on the line and they dried rather than have an extra rinse.

I didn’t get wet walking to the gym or home from the shops. I didn’t get the slightest bit damp walking the girls in the park. It was most peculiar indeed.

Apart from the above, I spent a bit of the day fixing up my new phone. I gloried in the way you can just copy one phone over to the other because of all the Cloud stuff. It took me back to the old days (2010) when copying a phone was long, laborious, arduous and you were bound to lose a number of bits and pieces. It was close to soul destroying…though I’m not too sure how something that doesn’t exist could be destroyed.

That aside, my new phone is a miracle of South Korean technology (the best, obviously). The wide angle lens on the camera is especially impressive.

And the quality of the video is very impressive as will be demonstrated soon.

The other thing I particularly like is the fact that the internal storage is twice as big as the S8 – 128GB rather than 64GB. Given I use a 128GB micro SD card as well means I have a shed load of space.

Looking at the tiny SD card in my phone made me think back to Ada, our first laptop that came to the UK with us 20 years ago. Her hard drive was 64MB and she used 3.5” floppies that weren’t very floppy. I carted around a huge box full of floppies which held everything we needed in digital format. How things have changed.

The other thing I did was make a few amendments to Mirinda’s thesis which is due for proper binding once it’s slightly edited. She needed to add some page numbers to citations after extensive quotes. This didn’t take long.

The other thing I’ve started is entering WWI survivors onto the War Dead site. This was following an email from Dr B after I let her know I’d completed Ewhurst. It made a nice change entering people who died at well advanced ages. Though, so far, I’ve not found anything particularly exciting to write about. In fact, the first two survivors were passed 40 when they enlisted and never went to the Front. Still, I’m sure this will change soon enough.

As well as survivors I’m also starting work on the Frensham Memorial, taking up where the last person left off. It’s always excellent researching memorials close to home.

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