Gladys killed the Greenway

What a lovely day! Full of cricket, friends and a pub lunch. It was tinged with sadness by 5pm when we hugged and waved Sharon, Jud and Luca farewell as their taxi headed off down our street, but until then, it was a delight.

The pub we decided on was the Barley Mow at Tilford. Sharon had been there with Mirinda in the week and suggested it would be an excellent lunchtime venue for today. I looked up the I’Anson Cup fixtures and was pleased to announce that Tilford were at home to Frensham. I rang and booked us in for 12:30.

Already gripped by the cricket

And, while there wasn’t any great tile smashing sixes, it was wonderful to sit and watch them play. Jud and Luca were surprised by the interesting pitch, in particular the rather steep hills and roads. I told Luca that while there is undoubtedly a home advantage at Tilford, Frensham has a tree on their pitch that acts as an extra fielder.

Because of the continuing bridge repairs, the car park at Tilford is not currently operational so we parked up at the Point-to-Point car park and walked down beside the horse fields.

This is actually walking back up but it’s the same path

The cricket was very entertaining (we were keeping an eye on the fourth day at Lords which was proving to be very exciting) but we also learned about the appalling behaviour of Gladys Berejiklian who, having served as Transport Minister in the NSW State Government became Premier and killed the project to put a green corridor in the inner west of Sydney, meaning people couldn’t run, cycle or walk into the CBD surrounded by green. This happened back in 2011 but Jud still bears a grudge. And who can blame him.

Jud was involved in a group called Friends of the GreenWay but, alas, it was not just killed but incinerated then had the ashes thrown to the four winds. (Incidentally, the so-called Four Winds is actually a quartet of Greek gods called the Anemoi who stood at the cardinal points and supplied the winds as directed by their boss, Aeolus.) It was all very sad and still rankled with Jud. As you’d expect. Business before People is something that happens everywhere but it seems quite the fashion accessory in Sydney.

Ignoring the diversion down the cycle path, we had some filling and delicious lunches, a few pints of beer and some excellent cricket before heading back home for a final cup of tea and crucial search for misplaced items of clothing which were hurriedly forced into already bulging bags.

I’ve really enjoyed having them around and it was with a fair bit of sadness that we said goodbye to them. Plans are afoot for a return visit by us next year. There’s even a schedule of evening entertainments which Sharon noted down.

My wife has told me that I forgot to mention Sharon’s flower arranging skills. The two small plates of blossoms, taken from our own garden, were gorgeous. While I’m okay with the food and presentation, I’m not one for the extraneous decorations like flowers. They made a huge contribution to the overall success of the meal. And, while they looked lovely during dinner, this morning, in the early first rays of the sun, they shone.

All from our own garden

Meanwhile, back at Tilford and the cricket…

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  1. Jud says:

    Gaz just catching up with your blogs. The lunch at Tilford rivalled Lords for action and atmosphere. I just wish they’d hit a six into that Audi that guy parked in front of us.


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