Where did the money in the bank go, Jud?

Tonight was Persian Feast night to celebrate Sharon, Jud and Luca before they fly home tomorrow. And so, to prepare, I wheeled my barrow (on paths wide and narrow) into town and packed it solid with ingredients. In fact, the woman at the check out was astounded by how much fitted in. I explained it was a Tardis Basket.

Back at home I started what was to become a day of food preparation.

I forgot the spinach and sumac which is why it’s crossed out

The highlight of my day (apart from the final laid table) was having a brilliant sous chef in Sharon. While I didn’t really need her much before 6pm, when I did she was right there, helping away. I’d have to say she saved me a lot of stress. Actually Mirinda remarked on the fact that, unlike usual, I wasn’t in the least bit stressed. And she rolls a mean courgette.

While I was wiling away the time in the kitchen, Mirinda took Sharon, Jud and the girls up to Hankley, disregarding the fact that it was raining (which has caused the cricket to fail). They had a nice long ramble through the heather and sand and getting nicely damp. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed it particularly with Jud throwing sticks for Emma.

In the meanwhilst, back at home, I had the Sonos on mega shuffle and entertained Luca with my knowledge of a strange selection of songs. That could explain why he stayed in the bedroom upstairs.

Speaking of Luca…over dinner he suggested an amount for how much their holiday had cost and how it was to be paid for. This caused a lot of cash chat culminating in Sharon saying that their savings account was empty. (This is not because they have no money but because they don’t use it.) Luca looked querulous and said “Where did the money in the bank go, Jud?” which I thought would make the perfect Post Title for today.

As for dinner, everyone enjoyed everything (except for the invisible spinach and sumac) and there was a valiant attempt to finish it all. We also drank our own healths with a bottle of the original champagne. This was not made in Champagne but, prior to that, was created in Limoux. In fact, Blanquette de Limoux is thought to be the very first sparkling wine ever produced, albeit accidentally. Sharon and Jud had bought us a bottle when they were there a few weeks ago. It was very nice.

And so, a splendid evening was had by all and, after Mirinda retired for the night (her cold has returned) Sharon, Jud and I set to cleaning up. This saved me an hour at the very least. I was extremely thankful.

I’m going to miss these guys
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  1. Mirinda says:

    It was like family – a whole bunch of weird mountain climbing cousins – had come to stay!You forgot to mention Sharon’s flower plates. She went into the garden and came back with 2 plates of flowers for decorating the table. Not vases but flat plates. Such an earth mum.


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