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Chalk and cheese was the thought that went through my head as we left the Rec tonight following the Aldershot v Bromley game. I’m never certain which is supposed to be preferable (obviously it would be cheese for me but I figure the lactose intolerant would be happier chewing the chalk) but the difference was as striking as…well, chalk and cheese.

Following the fabulous display put on at Woking last week, I was really looking forward to more of the same tonight. A bit like Luca was looking forward to going on the London Eye. He swears he wanted to go up at night but Sharon had booked it for the day.

She struggled with the booking system last night but managed to get tickets which meant an hour in a queue ahead of boarding their capsule and slowly revolving around the London skyline.

Where’s The Oval?” Asked Luca. “Where’s Lords?” Sharon, unperturbed, pointed out such important historical landmarks as she could find (Buck House, Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St Pauls, yadda, yadda, yadda) but he was intent on finding Lords. Obviously The Oval was easy to find. Though, had it been at night, The Oval would have been invisible.

In the meanwhilst, Jud and Naomi had trudged over to their accommodation to drop Naomi’s ridiculously huge backpack (it was big enough for a second Naomi inside) via the Tube. I haven’t heard how that went but, following the London Eye, Luca joined them for a ride on the river while Sharon met Mirinda for a tour of the College then dinner at her club.

They all clearly had a terrific time. I had to suffer through a poor display of football.

There was another Shots team on the pitch tonight. Apart from a final mad and desperate flurry near full time, they played like the team we had last season. Bromley scored after 28 minutes, continuing to dominate play for the first hour.

I was standing next to Charlie (who boycotted the last few games of last season) and he was not happy that he’d decided to return to the Slab. He wasn’t alone. Near us was a group of quite vocal thugish types; types one doesn’t normally encounter on the Slab.

A lot of the blame, according to the thugish types, needed to be placed squarely on the shoulders of the referee.

Okay, he missed a few calls but I don’t think that’s entirely fair given how badly we played. And, Micky the Ref made an excellent point. When the supporters start abusing the ref with songs and yells and general abuse, it turns the atmosphere of the game toxic which in turn washes over the teams and the game suffers.

I rarely agree with Micky the Ref because he’s always watching the game through the ref lens but this time he was spot on. The game wasn’t exciting, it didn’t flow very well and we made a lot of mistakes. Mirror that with the non-stop support during the Woking game (there were a few bad refereeing decisions in that game too) which had them playing out of their skins and it’s easy to see his point is correct.

Anyway, the game ended 0-1 with the three points going to a Bromley team that deserved to win. Had our other, Woking defeating team turned up, it would have been a very exciting match.

Actually, the most exciting thing was wishing Andy a happy birthday.

The birthday boy

The title refers to a couple of chaps who were standing next to me. At half time, the score being 0-1, one of them suddenly said to Nicktor “Nick! You know everything. How many times has Bromley beaten Aldershot? No! Don’t Google it! How many? I’ll give you a clue: they’ve played each other eleven times.

Clearly Nicktor had no idea and was sort of fluffing around the subject by discussing the possible inevitability of one team beating another after enough games. Charlie suggested looking in the programme but this was banned as well.

I’ll give you another clue. Of the eleven, Aldershot has won six.” The chap said, a smug look on his face.

Everyone was silent, waiting for the answer.

And there’s been five draws.

Well, so much for that record then.

And, by the way, you can’t see Lords from the London Eye.

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